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Meet Felgra Yogatama

Posted on October 28 2016

Felgra Yogatama
Bandung, Indonesia

What’s it like living in Bandung, Indonesia?

I Live in Bandung, the great awesome ETHNIC CULTURAL city with tasty food, hospitable people, and beautiful nature. And I always feel so awesome.

What gets you out of bed every morning?

Happiness, no matter what happen yesterday we might die today, so let's give it best for every single thing !

When did you pick up ... Photography?

When I was in grade 4, my dad bought me a pocket camera and I just shot everything for every moment and that's the first time I feel so happy capturing the picture than in high school grade 10 I bought my first DSLR and got paid for a school project

Where’s your favorite place to adventure to?

my fav place is beach and coast, I can freely feel the edge of the earth

I have never been to Iceland / New Zealand, and that's the place I would love to adventure where the are crazy beauty in my opinion!

What’s next?

Traveling to some crazy spot I never been, Colorado is on my bucket list!!!


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