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Meet Ryan Abernathy

Posted on March 01 2017

Ryan Abernathy
Instagram: @ryan.abernathy

What's it like living in Alberta?

I moved to Alberta from Texas 8 years ago and at the time it felt like I was dong something both crazy and exhilarating. I was leaving the flat and dry Texas panhandle, and moving to the land of igloos and dogsleds. Canada. My first winter, I remember walking outside to howling winds that were ripping across a frozen plane of snow covered fields. It was -50, my beard instantly froze and I said, ‘To hell with this, we are moving back to Texas.” Well, we obviously didn’t and now I call Alberta home.  The summers are some of the best and the winters are actually pretty amazing too. Where I live, I can see the mountains from my back porch and adventures to be had.  It's an amazing place to live. It has become home.



What's your favorite place to travel?

  Anywhere with my family. I know there are a bunch of people hyped up on the mountains, and John Muir quotes and sleeping in a tent being the “be all end all” place to be, but for me. Anywhere in the world, with my wife and kids beside me, is right where I'm supposed to be. I love to travel with people I love, and if it ends up being in the back alley slums of some tourist town in Thailand helping someone out, and my family is there, that’s exactly where I am supposed to be, and that’s my favorite place to be.



What's a typical day like for you?

  Well, to be extremely honest, I usually wake up to the sounds of my 6-year-old son switching the lights on to the bathroom, soon followed by the steady sounds of him emptying his bladder. It's one of the most consistent things in my life right now. It starts off being a dad and continues being a dad throughout the day. Right now I'm renovating and apartment complex because what I love to do is carpentry. But during the day, I'm fielding emails regarding photography, different business ideas, and start-ups and hearing about what my kids did at school, or gymnastics, or whatever else kids get up to. I don’t know what a typical day is, but I do know my consistents are my wife and my kids and that I love them and they love me.



What do you do in your free time?

  Who has free time? I want to meet that person. I have 3 kids and most parents know, free time rarely happens. When I do get time to myself, I go on a lot of “dates” with my kids. My son and I go out for “beer” dates where I get a beer and he gets a (root) beer as well. We talk Starwars, his current girlfriend crush and just shoot the breeze.  As my kids get older and older, time with them gets shorter and shorter so, if there is free time, I like to fill it up with them. However, when I do get a moment here and there to myself, I love building stuff with my hands, looking at older vehicles or motorcycles to buy, working on different business ventures or reading/listening to books.  I love books.




What's next?

  Well, that’s an ever-evolving question. Haha. I sometimes don’t know what I am doing 4 hours from now but something I am really excited about is a new business endeavor called Fellow Gent. A daily emailer that focuses on auto and moto trends, style and design trends, amazing destination spots and a few more things. Right now, it's being built as a daily emailer, but I look forward to growing it into something more. Possibly a brick and mortar shop, possibly just e-commerce, possibly big enough GQ or Uncrate calls us up and buys us out. I don't exactly know where that is going, but I'm excited about it. You can check the link for it here. Sign up and subscribe to it. It's super simple and clean and will probably take you 15-30 seconds to browse. Anyway to be very specific as to what am I doing next… well, I am going to drink some scotch.



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