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5 Supplements to Always Travel With

October 01 2020

Vitamin B
If you’re like us, you probably land at your destination with a packed schedule and don’t have much time to be tired. Vitamin B is great for boosting energy and getting over jetlag.
Milk thistle
Ahh, travel: where 9am airport beers are completely acceptable. If you drink more than usual when you travel, stock up on milk thistle. It supports liver health and helps you get over hangovers.
Your body naturally produces melatonin at night, which contributes to you feeling tired right around bedtime. If you need to get some sleep on the plane and want to keep it relatively natural, melatonin will do the trick without making you drowsy the next day.
Tylenol PM
A great alternative if you want to sleep long and hard on the flight and don’t mind feeling drowsy for a day or so after. Tylenol PM will easily knock you out from JFK to Hong Kong.
When you travel, you’re probably eating quite a bit of food you’re not used to eating. Probiotics will help prevent the dreaded travel tummy.
Waterproof Travel Canisters
Our Waterproof Travel Canisters are great for carrying supplements when you're on the road.



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