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Iceland Photo Journal

October 31 2018


We believe that experiencing a product for yourself is the only way to truly stand behind it. With the upcoming launch of the Advanced Series, we needed to test the products in real, raw outdoor conditions and capture lifestyle content along the way. So we took the bags to one of the harshest environments we could think of: Iceland. We tested them out in the driving rain, pelting ice and in unrelenting windstorms, along sandy black beaches and up rocky hillsides. With the help of some of our best partners in content creation, we captured the products in the very elements they were designed to withstand.

The Advanced Series is true to it’s name. It’s a serious advancement not only on our own products, but in the packable adventure gear category as a whole. These bags are the lightest, most durable, weatherproof bags on the market. But don’t just take our word for it. Go ahead, put yourself out there. We did.


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  • Carolyn Davy: November 06, 2018

    That is so cool! My 18 year old son is in Iceland right now — great photos. Thank you!

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