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Why Gray?

November 29 2016

Why are all Matador products gray?

Short answer: Because gray is the right color.

Long answer:  When we design a product, every detail is considered and every decision is made for a reason.  This includes the fabric color among many, many other things.

But how can one color be “better” than another?  Gray doesn’t show dirt or debris like white or black.  It isn’t polarizing like orange, green, or purple.  A gray bag is equally at home in the woods or in the city.  Unlike white, gray can be worn after Labor Day.  Unlike black, it doesn’t get unbearably hot in the sun.  Gray bags can be carried by men or women.  Gray always goes with your outfit and it never goes out of style.  Gray is timeless and knows no boundaries.

At Matador, we build the highest quality packable gear and we expect it to last for years.  As such, we strive to design products that are versatile and timeless enough to be carried for years.  If you’re going to invest in premium gear it shouldn’t follow the latest fleeting trend.  It shouldn’t just be built to last, it should also be designed to last.  Trends come and go but gray is forever.


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  • Romain: June 30, 2017

    Hi there! I think it’s the right idea ^^ Grey is the perfect color to match both men and women, nature and city, casual and hiking etc…

    It blends in any usage, really the perfect color for everything.

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