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The Gluten-Free Traveler

The Gluten-Free Traveler

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Mountain Biking, Volcano Hiking & Snorkeling Adventures on the Big Island of Hawai'i

Mountain Biking, Volcano Hiking & Snorkeling Adventures o...

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  • Along for the Ride: Traveling Central America with Your Dog

    April 30 2018 – Tabitha Yeasley

    Along for the Ride: Traveling Central America with Your Dog

    Slow down, get local, and get way, way off the beaten path A dog is the ideal road trip buddy. They don’t question your schedule, sightseeing priorities or new acquaintances – at least not in English. They make the loneliest hotel room feel like home. And a fearless canine companion is the back-up you need to stretch a little –...

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  • TUK Watches: Q&A with Founder Sasha Juliard

    April 26 2018 – Tabitha Yeasley

    TUK Watches: Q&A with Founder Sasha Juliard

    Sasha Juliard, Matador Brand Ambassador and Co-Founder of TUK Watches gave us the inside scoop on this new endeavor to create beautiful watches and provide clean water in Southeast Asia.  What is TUK Watches? TUK Watches is a conscious, minimal watch brand founded on the idea that every second counts in the fight to get clean drinking water to the 844...

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  • 7 Essentials For Your Next International Flight

    April 20 2018 – Chris Clearman

    7 Essentials For Your Next International Flight

    If you love to travel, then you know all about long flights. Navigating international airports, managing delays or cancelled connections, and plenty of long lines. Here are a few essentials to make those long international flights a little more comfortable. 1. Bring a pen in your carry on bag. You will have to fill out customs paperwork that is distributed on...

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  • Pro Tips and Tools for Planning a Photo Shoot

    April 18 2018 – Tabitha Yeasley

    Pro Tips and Tools for Planning a Photo Shoot

    by Joel Matuszczak, Photographer and Matador Brand Ambassador   Where do I start? Let’s talk about an ordinary day of shooting with me. What I do to keep motivating and challenging myself in photography. What you see from my work, about 90% of the photos are from my backyard. My life is pretty packed. I make do with the time...

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  • 4 Tips for Packing Like a Minimalist

    April 12 2018 – Tabitha Yeasley

    4 Tips for Packing Like a Minimalist

    By Britnee Tanner You've been planning your upcoming weekend trip for months. Instead of thinking about your current workload at the office, you've probably found yourself daydreaming about the Airbnb you booked a month in advance along with the food and activities you'll soon be experiencing on your perfect weekend itinerary.  You've planned who you're going with, when you're leaving...

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  • 3 Days in Hong Kong

    April 06 2018 – Tabitha Yeasley

    3 Days in Hong Kong

    By Bailey McHugh A lot of people have asked me, “Why Hong Kong? What’s in Hong Kong?” To which I replied, “Why not Hong Kong?” I traveled for the adventure, to experience something so far out from what I’m used to. I traveled to escape my everyday routine and endeavor on something completely different. This is the feeling that a...

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  • Matador: Spotlight on Sustainability

    March 19 2018 – Tabitha Yeasley

    Matador: Spotlight on Sustainability

    Here at Matador, we are committed to bringing you quality, sustainable products that don’t weigh you or your conscience down. We believe your adventure gear should be not only light on you, but light on the world around us.   Maximum Durability with Minimal Impact: Cordura Fabric is the foundation for almost all of our products. We use Cordura because...

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  • Top Beaches in Southeast Asia

    March 15 2018 – Tabitha Yeasley

    Top Beaches in Southeast Asia

    Our Brand Ambassador Gretka Milkovic has spent a lot of time living like a local in Southeast Asia. Here's her advice for finding the best beaches around, and a look at the top beaches she explored last year. ----- Maybe some of you know, but for many people I did something really crazy this summer. I quit my corporate job and decided...

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  • The Best Camera Lens for Travel: The Nifty 50

    March 09 2018 – Amey Daddikar

    The Best Camera Lens for Travel: The Nifty 50

    Anybody here take pictures while they travel?  We get asked all the time, what kind of lens should I bring when I travel?  Around here, we all agree there is a clear winner.  Pack a 50mm f1.8 lens for your adventures, lovingly referred to as a nifty fifty.  Read on for why we think the nifty fifty comes out on...

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  • Get Off the Grid

    February 20 2018 – Tabitha Yeasley

    Get Off the Grid

    By Scrimshaw Collective Let’s get off the grid.  Let's explore our personal unknowns and expand what we perceive as normal. Every so often it's important to engage in self-reflection to make sure that your batteries don’t need charging and to see if the path you are on, is indeed the path you chose for yourself.  If that vision gets clouded…welcome to...

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  • Top 10 Things to Do in Boulder

    January 24 2018 – Tabitha Yeasley

    Top 10 Things to Do in Boulder

    You’ve probably heard that Boulder, Colorado is a great place to visit and even to live, but what is there to do here, exactly? We’ve taken some of our favorite reasons we love Boulder and laid them out for you, plain and simple. EAT Brunch – No city is complete without some great brunch options, and whether you hit Lucile’s...

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  • Retailer Spotlight: Wayward

    November 28 2017 – Amey Daddikar

    Retailer Spotlight: Wayward

    Wayward Interview with GM and Founder – Kevin Winkel What is Wayward and what led you to start it? Wayward is all about connecting, inspiring and enriching the lives of anyone who puts an emphasis on appreciating their time here and making the most of it, through exploration. It's really about pushing yourself to seek new experiences and appreciate the...

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  • Colorado to Colombia

    November 28 2017 – Kyle Bardouche

    Colorado to Colombia

    by Tabitha Yeasley ...and all the changes in between. October 19, 2017 I first fell in love with Oregon because it gave me my first taste of autumn. Changing colors and rainy weather meant a vibrant new season, something I didn't get growing up in the San Joaquin Valley. I remember riding along the bike trail amidst the falling, colorful...

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  • Why You Need To Visit The Philippines

    October 30 2017 – Kyle Bardouche

    Why You Need To Visit The Philippines

    By: Sam De Nike Follow Sam on Instagram @sneadlerstravels Earlier this year I visited the Philippines for a month. It is arguably my favorite country I have ever gotten the opportunity to travel to and somewhere I desperately hope to return to soon. Here are my top 5 reasons why you need to visit today! 1. The people – On most...

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  • Matador | The story behind the name

    July 13 2017 – Chris Clearman

    Matador | The story behind the name

    Just like every good name, Matador comes with a bit of background. Throw back to 2014, the development of the pocket blanket was underway.  There was nothing like it out there, a technical ground cover for people that like to travel light and stay spontaneous.  The idea came about while Chris was at a park in San Francisco.  It was...

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  • Exploring Switzerland and Italy - An Inside Look at Traveling for 21 Days

    July 11 2017 – Amey Daddikar

    Exploring Switzerland and Italy - An Inside Look at Traveling for 21 Days

    Ah, Switzerland! Please take me back right now! What an amazing country! So beautiful! So amazing! Sorry, I know I’m overdoing the exclamation marks, but Switzerland is just that awesome!!! Okay, on a real note. In this journal post, I’m going to talk about my recent trip to Switzerland and Italy, specifically about our journey through the Swiss Alps and...

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