Packable Hydration Reservoir – Matador
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Packable Hydration Reservoir

$ 29.99


Product Details

Compatible with Matador Beast28

Packable hydration reservoir is the only water reservoir designed for travel. Hydrapak® 2 liter Elite reservoir is combined with a proprietary Matador® silicone hose that will never kink or crease when in transit. Roll, scrunch, and stuff your hydration reservoir into your carry on and have 2 liters of water when you need it.

Available with or without the Sawyer® MINI water filter. Essential for adventure travel, the Sawyer® MINI filter is the lightest and most versatile personal water filter trusted by outdoor enthusiasts worldwide. Drink from rivers, lakes, and international taps safely.


  • 6.75 x 13inch

    Water Reservoir With Filter:

    • 2 Liter Hydrapak® Elite reservoir
    • Sawyer® MINI filtration system fully installed in-line, ready to use
    • Sawyer® MINI filters up to 100,000 gallons
    • Sawyer® MINI is industry leading, removing 99.9999% of bacteria and protozoa
    • Matador® proprietary anti-crease hose will never kink in storage
    • Included bypass valve for using the hydration reservoir without filter
    • Lifetime warranties for each component

    Water Reservoir Without Filter:

    • 2 Liter Hydrapak® Elite reservoir
    • Matador® proprietary anti-crease hose will never kink in storage
    • Lifetime warranty from Hydrapak®

    Sawyer® Testing Report   |  Sawyer® Lifetime Warranty  

    HydraPak® Beyond™ Lifetime Guarantee, contact 

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