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  • What does IPX6 rated waterproofing mean?

    March 23 2021

    What does IPX6 rated waterproofing mean?

    The term waterproof is thrown around an awful lot.  That’s why we’re taking our waterproofing to a whole new, third party certified, level. IPX6 is one of a few variations of IP code, or Ingress Protection Code.  IP Codes classify protection from both water and dust.  In the case of the new Base Layer Line, the protection IPX6 is referring...

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  • Outdoor Fabrics 101

    November 07 2019

    Outdoor Fabrics 101

    As a consumer shopping for a new piece of outdoor gear, fabric terminology can be a bit confusing. The old “apples to oranges” analogy often applies when comparing backpacks made by different companies, of varying fabrics and feature sets. Spend a few minutes(or hours, or days) Googling and you will find more information than you likely bargained for on the...

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