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What Makes On-Grid Suited for Travel on the Grid

July 13 2020

On-Grid Backpack
Designed to handle the mountains, perfected for travel beyond the outdoors. Equipment tough enough for the mountains is surely good enough for the day to day of city centered travel- but it’s not optimized for it. Optimization matters, performance and specificity go hand in hand.
On-Grid Tote
If you’re wondering what makes On-Grid different from the rest of our line, you’re in the right spot. Where the Advanced Series was designed specifically to perform in the alpine, the On-Grid Series is specifically designed to perform in the town, city, or anywhere else on the grid.
On-Grid Duffle
That’s not to say, that On-Grid was not inspired by the outdoors- because it was. You might be in civilization, but we trust you will be out there rain or shine. Starting with the materials, we pulled directly from the outdoor industry building from Dynatec woven, Robic® nylon with waterproof UTS coating. Bar tack reinforced construction, nylon 66 thread, and baffled zippers add technical outdoor functionality, in a package streamlined for all day use.
On-Grid Tote
For On-Grid, we redefined what performance means for on the grid travel. Since these bags essentially become every day carry bags at their destination, they require additional durability and abrasion resistance. Moving to a 100D material, we balance compactness with functional resistance to wear and tear. For all day carry, we included additional organization, laptop compatibility, and hidden gear loop details. Lastly, to achieve a cohesive aesthetic, we carefully considered the look. Maintaining a true to brand minimal approach, we eliminated the unnecessary and edited every detail. Clean lines, crisp pleats, hidden zippers, and subtle branding all contribute to performance when it comes to a line of bags designed to be seen.
On-Grid Backpack
On-Grid series bags quickly pack away into their own pocket, for a single fully integrated experience. Specifically designed for travel on the grid, On-Grid series is optimized to carry daily essentials while you are exploring. Built from the best of the outdoors, streamlined for on the grid performance.



  • Matador: July 13, 2020

    @gerard Bodin: Yes. We designed this bag to be durable, checking it would not be a problem.

  • gerard Bodin: July 13, 2020

    I travel with just a carry on and a little backpack. I want to use the on grid duffle for bringing gifts…back home. Can I check in this bag without worrying ?

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