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back view of man near sunset beach, wearing marble floral freerain22 as he walks to his truck

Freerain22 Waterproof Packable Backpack

The Freerain22 is a 22 liter high-performance waterproof backpack that compresses for travel. Ideal for protecting your gear from weather and waves—from the beach to the streets.


Woman at beach hut, wearing marble floral freerain hip pack across the front of her body

Freerain Waterproof Packable Hip Pack

The Freerain Hip Pack is a waterproof, hands-free place to keep valuables close by. Wear it as a sling or hip pack for optimal personal carry.


Woman on California coast, laying on marble floral pocket blanket on shady grass

Pocket Blanket™

The Matador X Volcom Pocket Blanket is a dry, clean place to sit – anywhere, anytime. The ultimate compact solution for a day at the beach to lunch on a mountain.


Woman on rocky cliff, pulling marble floral poncho hood over her head

Packable Towel Poncho

The Packable Towel Poncho is designed to provide a comfortable place to change or take a break from the waves, no matter where you are. Made with nanofiber quick-dry material that absorbs 2.3x its weight in water.


Man on rocky cliff, wrapping marble floral towel around himself

Packable Beach Towel

The Packable Beach Towel is a compact and absorbent solution for efficiently keeping a beach towel on hand. Nanofiber material provides comfort and quick-drying capabilities when the sunshine and water is calling.