Explore and Score™ Giveaway – Matador
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Explore and Score™ Giveaway

Every Friday on Instagram we are giving away two Matador products to help you and a friend gear up for adventure. The product given away will be the product featured in the post that week.
To enter, like the post and tag some friends. Each unique tag in a separate comment will act as a unique entry, so up your chances by tagging a few friends! Up to 5 tags per account per week will be accepted as entries. We'll randomly chose one comment each week, and the tagger and the tagged will both win the product. Entrants from outside the U.S. are still eligible to win, but must pay for shipping. Ships free to U.S. winners. 

All entries must be made by 11:59 PM MST on the following Sunday to be counted. The winner will be announced on the next Explore and Score™ post on the following Friday, so make sure you're checking back each week to see if you won. Good luck!
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Explore And Score