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Matador Ambassador Kevin O'Reilly

Kevin O'Reilly
Instagram @kevinophoto
What’s it like living in Hawaii?
Living on Oahu is rad, it's a very congested place yet very wide open. Like everything is very close physically, but there is so much to do in a small area. Thanks to my mom's hard work I live a minute and 36 seconds from the beach (yes I counted) I love the beach but I am a man of the mountains. Fortunately for me, I have a 6-minute drive to the bottom of a 3,000ft ridge line that spans the length of the island. So the landscape is pretty f*ckin rad.
What gets you out of bed every morning?
Food. Straight up. The main reason at least, I love to catch the sunrise from the beach. But recently I have had bad sleep habits so I've been missing it.
When did you pick up photography?
I can't really categorize what I do, I am an adventurer. Like I love a lot of activities, hiking, surfing, skating, rally, mountain biking, freediving, learning new things, playing on the computer, pushing limits, really anything that makes my blood pump or makes me different I like. But most people know me for my photos and soon to be videos.
Where’s your favorite place to adventure to?
Cold green mountains. I am very passionate about keeping my locations undisclosed because I have seen a lot of the places I love get wrecked by ignorant people with no respect. I have loads of content I don't share because they are places I care about. #ungeotagproject
What’s next?
Youtube, traveling abroad, more camping. I started doing video awhile back, after 3 weeks of doing it my 3rd video hit 100K views. I was amazed, I started doing it a lot more. I love traveling and meeting new people (basic af, I know). I love nights in a tent, I miss it.
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