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Materials And Process

We strive to make the best, from the best. We partner with the industry’s most trusted material and hardware manufacturers to build high quality gear and accessories that can withstand the demands of adventure travel.

We work alongside fabric manufacturers like Cordura® to design waterproof materials that are lightweight and durable. Proprietary coatings and combinations enable innovative features, ranging from the waterproof siliconized nylon of the Advanced Series™ to the breathable membrane found in our Dry-Through material™.

We use silicone often for its durable flexibility. Silicone is soft and elastic, ideal for cases and keychains. Silicone enables us to forgo cases with zippers and Velcro, which can damage lightweight materials and fray nanofiber towels. Silicon cases are easy to use, stretchy, and look great for the life of the product.

We focus on finding the best hardware that is lightweight and durable. Matador® products feature mostly YKK® self-ejecting side-release buckles. We also use ITW Nexus® and Duraflex® buckles and ladder locks if there is a particular piece of hardware we prefer in testing. Our zippers are YKK® and SBS®, depending on the level of water resistance desired.

Matador® backpacks feature a range of meshes depending on the product line. The Advanced Series™ features a new air mesh that distributes weight and resists moisture as part of the waterproofing and weight saving strategy. We also use softer meshes in some applications that offer breathability and resist creasing when packed up.

When it comes to sourcing metal hardware, we keep it simple.Aluminum anodized carabiners on accessories are durable, lightweight, and easy to operate. Keyrings are stainless steel and resist corrosion or discoloration.


We rely on several construction methods depending on the product. The Advanced Series™ bags are sewn and feature sealed seams. This extra step ensures full waterproof seam construction. The Flatpak™ line is fully welded, and inherently waterproof construction that is light, simple, and designed to withstand pressure.

Matador® products feature many innovative coatings that are essential in achieving superior performance. Puncture resistant coatings on the Pocket Blanket prevent sticks and grass from damaging the material. Anti-microbial silver coatings on the travel towels keep them fresher, longer. Silicone waterproofing in the Advanced Series™ is durable and light Finally, Dry-Through™ coatings let water evaporate through them as seen on the FlatPak™ Soap Bar Case and Toiletry Case.

Matador® products feature Certilogo, an advanced authenticity system. All of our products can be instantly verified as authentic, on the spot. A quick scan of the hologram or entering the serial number ensures that our products are the real deal- anywhere in the world.