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Brand Story

At Matador®, it is our mission to design the best packable gear possible. Everything we make is founded on our obsession with travel, adventure, and the great outdoors. All Matador® gear is designed at our headquarters in Boulder, Colorado.
Matador® started in 2014 with a simple observation. While unwinding at a park in San Francisco, we noticed people sitting in the grass on their coats and hauling hefty blankets. We thought, there must be a better way. Soon thereafter we launched the Matador® Pocket Blanket- a waterproof seating surface that fits in a pocket. We knew we were onto something. Working out of a 10 x 10 foot San Francisco bedroom, we leveraged the success of the Pocket Blanket to develop a line of simple, thoughtful products designed for people on the go. Our love of travel and the outdoors inspired our focus on adventure travel. the more we traveled, the more opportunities we saw to apply our experience in materials and design to solve common travel challenges. One product at a time, we grew from the Pocket Blanket into a brand of ultralight travel gear.
Matador® is funded solely by our loyal customer. We aren't VC funded or crowdfunded on Kickstarter. Without outside influence or pressure, we can focus on designing products that we love. We believe that this freedom is a key tenet of our brand. We experiment, shake things up, and innovate where we see opportunity.


We love travel. As travelers ourselves, we know how important it is to be able to rely on your gear. We are committed to designing products that last. We use the best materials and hardware we can find, building products that are light but durable. Our designs are tieless and functional, looking great season after season. We think products should be used over and over, getting better with each adventure. The question is, where will you take it?


We are focused on product design. Our expertise in fabric, plastics, and silicone gives us an edge when it comes to designing new products. We are constantly pushing the envelope, working with name brand fabric manufacturers like Cordura® to come up with proprietary coatings that make our products possible.