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NanoDry Towel Combo Pack

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LIMITED EDITION COMBO KIT just in time for your summer getaways. Buy a NanoDry Shower Towel (Moss) and get a NanoDry Trek Towel (Moss) for FREE. 

Voted BEST ACCESSORY OF 2018 on Carryology. Thank you!

These packable towels are ultra-light, super absorbent, and quick drying. The NanoDry Towels stay fresher for longer thanks to an antimicrobial fabric coating. Silicone travel case with carabiner or key loop keeps your towel separate from the rest of your gear. Clip to or toss in any bag and hit the beach, trail, or gym. 

NanoDry Shower Towel (Large)


  • 5 oz (142 g)  
  • 47 x 24 inch (120 x 60 cm)  


  • Nanofiber material; 2.3x lighter than microfiber travel towels 
  • Absorbs 2.3x its own weight in water  
  • Antimicrobial coating stops mildew 
  • Silicone travel case with carabiner for convenience and portability 
  • Snap loop on towel for hanging  
  • Machine washable  
  • Moss Yellow

NanoDry Trek Towel (Small)


  • 2 oz (34g)
  • 15 x 15 inch (39 x 39 cm)


  • Nanofiber material; 2.3x lighter than microfiber travel towels
  • Absorbs 2.3x its own weight in water
  • Antimicrobial coating stops mildew
  • Silicone travel case with stainless steel keyring for convenience and portability
  • Snap loop on towel for hanging
  • Machine washable
  • Moss Yellow

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