• Matador Surface Matador Surface Quick View
    Matador Surface

    Matador Surface

    $ 59.99

    Free shipping in the U.S.

    Turn any space into a work space.

    Whether you’re sliding under the car to change the oil, rebuilding an engine at the track, or repairing a bicycle in the living room, the Surface is your new favorite tool.  Designed to protect you, your tools/gear, and the floor beneath, it'll make the job go smoothly. The built-in hardware trap ensures that you never lose another bolt. Cleverly designed stainless steel hardware adds functionality and ensures it’ll be around for years to come.  Job complete?  Cleanup is a breeze; simply wipe clean, hose it off, or machine wash and hang dry. The printed-on folding instructions show you exactly where to fold your Surface so it fits right back in the toolbox. It can even open that celebratory beverage for a job well done. Patent Pending.

    Surface is a New Kind of Multi Tool

    - 53" x 36" work surface
    - Ultra durable composite material
    - Gas, Oil, Grease Resistant and 100% Waterproof
    - Integrated hardware trap
    - Standard and metric ruled edges
    - Laser etched metric mini rule
    - Protractor corner
    - Angle marking guides
    - Bottle opener
    - Printed on "Easy Pack Pattern" fold guide
    - Removable storage strap
    - High quality stainless steel hardware
    - Fits comfortably in a standard toolbox


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    Matador Pocket Blanket Matador Pocket Blanket

    Matador Pocket Blanket

    $ 24.99
    $ 29.99
    Quick View
    Matador Pocket Blanket

    Matador Pocket Blanket

    $ 24.99 $ 29.99

    Free shipping in the U.S.

    Enjoy the outdoors anytime, anywhere

    Matador Pocket Blanket.  Water repellent, puncture resistant and extremely compact.  At 63in X 44in (160cm X 110cm) it's large enough for 2 to relax or more to sit.  So go ahead, put yourself out there.


  • Matador Mini Matador Mini Quick View
    Matador Mini

    Matador Mini

    $ 19.99

    Free shipping in the U.S.

    Enjoy the outdoors anytime, anywhere

    Matador Mini Pocket Blanket.  Water repellent, puncture resistant, extremely compact, and weighing only 38 grams.  At 44in X 28in (110cm X 70cm) it's large enough for 1 to relax or 2 to sit.  Perfect for taking a lunch break on a long hike or for lying down to read a book in the park.  So go ahead, put yourself out there.


  • Matador Droplet Wet Bag Matador Droplet Wet Bag Quick View
    Matador Droplet Wet Bag

    Matador Droplet Wet Bag

    $ 14.99

    Free shipping in the U.S.


    Love the beach, working out, or traveling?  Whether you’re dealing with wet swimsuits or sweaty gym clothes, Droplet is here to help.

    Compact enough to fit on a keychain and large enough for a whole outfit, your sweaty gym clothes and wet swim suits are no match. It also works as a dry bag, keeping water away from things that prefer to stay dry.

    We haven’t counted, but Droplet has at least a million uses. Droplet is perfect for people who travel. Use it to secure items that might leak in your luggage and organize small items.  Use it to hold snacks that might make a mess of your briefcase or to contain condensation on your water bottle on humid days.

    Keep a Droplet on your keychain, pack one in your gym bag, stash one in your luggage, send one with your kiddo to camp. Droplets protect your stuff, and so much more. Patent pending.

    Droplet is not intended to protect against submersion. Matador is not responsible for damaged caused to users or their equipment by use or failure of this product. Inspect prior to each use.  Read all product instructions prior to use.

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