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At Matador®, we are dedicated behind the scenes to practicing sustainability throughout all aspects of our brand. Sustainability is our responsibility, and an important part of our brand culture. We are constantly exploring and implementing sustainable practices from supply chain and shipping, to product and packaging. Sustainability at Matador® isn’t a marketing strategy, but a non-negotiable obligation that we uphold born out of love of protecting travel and the outdoors. Here is insight into the sustainable practices that we are most excited about.
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Offsetting Carbon Emissions:
Globally, transportation is the second largest source of CO₂ emissions, and freight-related transportation can account for 30 to over 50% of a company's total carbon footprint. As of March 2019, Matador® is committed to offsetting emissions on all shipments traveling from manufacturers to our U.S. distribution network for a carbon-neutral freight network. We’re working with to make sure our offsets are making a difference.’s projects are third-party certified, audited, and meet the standard of additionality.
In-House Repair Program:
If your Matador® product is ripped, broken, or damaged, we may be able to fix it instead of replacing it. No matter how it happened, where you bought it, or how old your product is- get in touch and we will try to repair it. We turn around repairs quickly and painlessly, contact if you need a repair.
Design and Engineering for lifecycle:
At Matador® we design all of our products from the ground up at our Colorado Headquarters. We carefully track customer feedback and relentlessly test all of our products so we can constantly improve our products both in function and longevity. We select material and hardware suppliers that employ eco-friendly and ethical practices to ensure that our products are as sustainable as possible from start to finish. All of our manufacturing partners are required to follow our Manufacturing Code of Conduct, which ensures sustainable practices and restricts substances that are harmful to the planet. Additionally, as of February 2018, all of our products are 100% vegan and free of animal products.
Member of the Outdoor Industry Association:
As a member of OIA, we provide annual financial contributions that the organization uses for environmental policy work, sustainable supply chain and materials research, and more. OIA is a leader in challenging policy makers to protect public lands and prioritize solutions to combat climate change. Learn more about the Outdoor Industry Association and their work here.
Culture and Headquarters:
In addition to our larger sustainability practices, we believe small local initiatives really add up. As of fall 2020, Matador’s Headquarters is powered by WindSource® renewable wind energy and certified by Green-e Energy. We compost, recycle, and resourcefully reuse materials at our headquarters. Several times a year, we step away from our desks for local cleanups- setting out on bikes and collecting massive piles of trash from our streets and rivers. These local level initiatives are an important way we contribute to our community and uphold our internal culture. To get involved, follow us on social media for up to date initiatives.
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