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Here at Matador, we are committed to bringing you quality, sustainable products that don’t weigh you or your conscience down. We believe your adventure gear should be not only light on you, but light on the world around us.
Maximum Durability with Minimal Impact:
Cordura Fabric is the foundation for almost all of our products. We use Cordura because they maintain the utility and durability of their materials while working to eliminate manufacturing waste, enhancing recycling initiatives, and increasing use of recycled and renewable components. By using Cordura Fabrics, our products are not only durable, but are made with minimal waste, reduced energy consumption and emissions practices, and remain friendly to the environment.
More Packability, Less Waste:
Our products are made to last, and our packable bags use less than ¼ of the material used to make traditional backpacks, decreasing consumption and waste. We also offer a repair program to off-set regular wear-and-tear that helps with our waste-reduction initiatives.
Repair, Not Replace:
One of the best things you can do for the environment is to reuse the things you already have, and we’re committed to helping you do that. If your Matador product is ripped, broken, or damaged, we may be able to fix it instead of replacing it. No matter how old your product is, shoot us a note and we’ll happily try to repair it.
Ethical Manufacturing:
We utilize high quality, fair-labor factories that adhere to safe practices, fair wages and ethical labor policies.
No animals are harmed in the making of our products:
As of February 2018 all of our products are 100% vegan and free of animal products. We use Sorona fiber, an eco-efficient performance material made from corn, as the filling for our Camera and Lens Base Layers.  We’ve also replaced all leather on our products with high-performance Hypalon® material. We constantly look for alternative, innovative technologies such as these to help support our earth-friendly sustainability efforts while delivering the quality and performance our customers have come to expect.
Member of the Outdoor Industry Association
As a member of OIA, we provide annual financial contributions that the organization uses for environmental policy work, sustainable supply chain and materials research, and more. OIA is a leader in challenging policy makers to protect public lands and prioritize solutions to combat climate change. Learn more about the Outdoor Industry Association and their work here.
Offsetting Carbon Emissions:
Globally, transportation is the second largest source of CO₂ emissions, and freight-related transportation can account for 30 to over 50% of a company's total carbon footprint. As of March 2019, Matador is committed to offsetting emissions on all shipments traveling from manufacturers to our U.S. distribution network for a carbon-neutral freight network.

We’re working with to make sure our offsets are making a difference.’s projects are third-party certified, audited, and meet the standard of additionality.