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About Us

We are focused on engineering high performance equipment for objective-based travel. Our strengths in design, material technology, and construction give us an edge in developing innovative products that bring outdoor expertise to the pursuit of travel.
Matador travel equipment is designed and tested at our headquarters in Boulder, Colorado. Our base in the Rockies is the perfect testing grounds for our products.


Matador equipment is designed to perform, regardless of conditions. Every decision we make is focused on product performance ­first and foremost. All materials, coatings, hardware, and features are carefully considered to ensure that the end product performs without compromise.


Matador products are designed with a specific application in mind. We carefully select features that are necessary and eliminate everything that is not. By avoiding added features and details, Matador products perform better at what they are designed for.


At Matador, we are not afraid of new and different - if it’s better. Matador equipment is designed on the foundation of proven construction and material application. But, we are not afraid of shaking up the tried and true in pursuit of products that are lighter, more durable, or just downright better.


At Matador, we specialize in equipment for objective-based travel. Travelers with an objective are determined to experience the uncommon, and their equipment needs to be as steadfast as they are. In our design process, we prioritize features that suit the objective and function to make travel seamless.


From our in-house repair program to ethical manufacturing and carbon neutral freight, we work behind the scenes to uphold ethical and sustainable practices throughout our business. We believe sustainability is a necessary business practice, not a marketing strategy. Read more here.
Matador is funded solely by our customers. We are not VC funded, crowdfunded on Kickstarter, or pressured by outside influences. We are focused on designing performance travel equipment, period.